Tulu film “Gamjaal” Trailer entices audience.

Comedy masterpiece trailer of upcoming Roopesh Shetty film “Gamjaal” trailer entices audience all over the world.

As of now trailer crossed 35K mark and still increasing the counter, this creates a big hope for not only “Gamjaal” movie creator also entire Tulu movie makers.

Trailer focuses Naveen D Padil on his epic look and friendship bond between lead of the film Roopesh Shetty. Aravind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor and Prasanna Shetty look funny and serious appearance of Naveen D Padil hints that plot has good script along with comedy entertainment.

Overall an entertaining trailer! Kept audience guess on Naveen D Padil’s role and revealing all the comedians, actors except female lead Karishma Amin.

Hat’s off to the Roopesh Shetty and team for bringing back Tulu audience back on track!

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