Raghu Shetty- A Journey Towards Tulu Film Industry


Raghu Shetty was born in a Bunt family in Moodbidri on 1st September, 1979. His Father was a businessman in Hubli and this led him to be raised in this scenic North Karnataka town. He also did his schooling here and later completed his post schooling in Moodbidri Mahaveer College.

He was very fond of cinema from an early age. As a child, his parents would beat him up whenever he sought permission to watch movies in the nearest theater. Yet the interest for cinema never perished. He aimed to opt for cinema as a major part of his life’s journey.

Raghu Shetty completed the ‘Direction’ Course in the year 2003 in the Silicon City ‘Bangalore’. Early stages of struggle commenced. He worked without a salary for a whole year. There were days when he could barely afford one-time meal. Family was totally ignorant about the fact that their son worked for cinema. A year passed by and eventually the big news was out that Raghu worked in the cinema line. He says that he wasn’t motivated by his family. “I did not lose hope and my interest in cinema”. Absolute no support from anybody. In spite of lack of support, motivation in my early stage of career, I am happy today as I can call myself a ‘Self-made Man’. As days passed by, I worked my heart out. However money showered zero blessings on my bank account. I suffered on monetary basis and sometimes had to work as Assistant Director with little to no payment”.

He observes, “Kannada film industry supported me for seven years. I worked for famous directors like S Mahindra, Om Prakash Rao, Guru Prasad and P.N Satya. I learnt that no soul will teach you complete work in the industry. You see, you observe and you learn. I began looking out for a producer who would match my direction. I failed at every point in my search. Few friends, relatives laughed and mocked me. I was travelling on a depressing path. However, hope was holding me strong and I believed in my caliber. There were days I have cried silently without letting the world know about it. Today I am very thankful to those tough days as they made me mentally strong. I saw that, I have experience and I conquered”.

“In the year 2010 my family wanted me to step into marital bliss. Who could I tell that I had work but no Bank balance?” My brain sought a small break, but my passion for cinema never let me take any break. Round the clock thoughts about cinema conquered my mind. It was then Ba.Ma. Harish sir gave me a break into the work of colors. I was interviewed for Udaya TV (Karnataka’s Leading TV Channel) and I was selected. I worked day and night. Udaya TV helped me grow, emerge into what I am today. I then worked for reality shows, events and special programs as director. Four years passed by learning new things, new techniques in the silver screen world. As I gained a lot of confidence, I could handle shows ‘single handedly as one man show’. People believed in me and my hard work and never questioned my caliber. Change is constant. I then moved to News channels. In the year 2015 I worked for Praja T.V News channel. Ever since then my work sailed with no hindrance. Even though I worked for media, I had a constant eye searching for a movie producers. When I didn’t get any opportunity, like they say, if no opportunity knocks on your door, make an opportunity for yourself. This gave birth to ‘BEDRA 9 CREATIONS’. Along with eight friends I started this venture with trust and belief in myself”.

“Tulu is my mother tongue. My first movie direction venture will naturally be in my native language. ‘Arjun weds Amruta’ is my first Tulu movie. Kannada film industry has given me bread and butter since the first day, but the first morsel belongs to the mother, my TULUNAD. This 1st September will be a very special day for me as the dream of my first Tulu movie comes true. I can’t thank the supreme power who guides us all, my family and friends”.

“Tulu film industry have been very welcoming and have helped me establish myself here. I work in harmony, setting egos aside. Each and every individual should work towards the betterment of the Tulu Industry. Hand in Hand we can make this industry grow and flourish”.

“My first movie ‘Arjun weds Amruta’ is a romantic comedy, youth centric and ‘Reality making’ movie.
Tulu Industry needs many talented people and thankfully, we have them in every house in Tulunad. May there be ground for every talent. I wish politics don’t enter this beautiful holy shrine. I have been very lucky to have been blessed by the folks from the Tulu Film Industry and wish to make many good movies here. Let the industry grow to the Pinnacle”.

Here’s wishing Mr. Raghu Shetty the very best for his upcoming endeavour.


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