Tulu film ‘English’ – ‘Rahukaala Guligakaala’ date clash, producer clarifies.

Tulu film ‘English’ – ‘Rahukaala Guligakaala’ date clash, producer clarifies.

Producers of upcoming Tulu film ‘English’ and ‘Raahukaala Guligakaala’ jointly hosted the press meet today in Mangalore to clear confusions created on their film release date.

Sooraj Shetty directional film ‘English’ and Sooraj Bolar directional film ‘Raahukaala Guligakaala’ recently announced the release date which is similar day 3 April 2020.

Dubai based Entrepreneur and producer of the film ‘English’ Harish Sherigar, producer of the ‘Rahukaala Guligakaala’ Anil Kumar and production manager Rajesh Kudla were present in the press meet.

Speaking to the press Harish Sherigar said “Tulu film Industry is like growing baby we need to work together for the betterment of the Industry, I wasn’t aware about the date clash, I thank the media which pointed this release date clashing with another film, and today here called press meet to clear confusion”.

Speaking to media, producer of the film ‘Raahukaala Guligakaala’ Anil Kumar says “If we release both movies together there is no gain for both the makers, so we decided to give away April 3 date to English”.

Rajesh Kudla production manager said “Film ‘Raahukaala Guligakaala’’s release date is not yet confirmed after censor certification we were announced the release date but there are few movies on the loop  like ‘Karnikada Kallurti’, ‘Yeregav Kirikiri’ and ‘Pepperepere‘ whose censor already done we need to rework on release date and will announce soon”.

‘English’ lead another confusion?

It’s really surprising that Tulu film ‘English’ announced release date before receiving censor certificate! and film ‘English’ also clashing with censored film ‘Karnikada Kallurti. Producer of the film Harish Sherigar said “We hope we receive censor certificate on coming Monday, and I am on talk to producers of “Karnikoda Kallurti” and will be clearing confusion of that also soon”.

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