Tulu film Release War : Sooraj vs Sooraj ?

Tulu film ‘English’ and ‘Rahukaala Guligakala’ release war ?

Release war seems to be common in Tulu Film Industry, In Year 2018  twice similar release war happened between makers, on 23 March between “Appe Teacher” and “Thottil” and 21 September between “My Name Is Annappa” and “Yera Ullerge”.

Now in year 2020, just a beginning of year two Tulu films already released within a weeks, “Kudkana Madme” soon after a week “2 Ekre”.

Sooraj Shetty Vs Sooraj Bolar on 3 April 2020 ?

Coastalwood’s known Director who is given hit films likes “Ekka Saka” and “Pilibail Yamunakka” K Sooraj Shetty officially announced release date of his upcoming film “English” on social media and the poster says film will release on 3 April 2020. Hours after Director Sooraj Bolar who is known from year 2018’s release “Pattis Gang” also announced his second film’s released date which is of same date. Sooraj Bolar released poster of his new film “Rahukaala Guligakala” which is starting Arjun Kapikad.

K Sooraj Shetty and team planned for the biggest release for his film “English”, film will be released similar date in Gulf region, Mumbai and twin districts.

For the smaller Tulu film Industry release war is unnecessary! Let’s see which makers give up date 3 April 2020. There are mixed reactions in the audience level, some says it’s good to see Tulu films releasing most often and some are questioned on release date.

We wish both the films a huge success!! why not both will create history! Kindly drop your view on this, do write us.

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