Tulu film ‘Girigit’ controversy : Shows will continue with conditions.

Tulu film ‘Girigit’ controversy : Shows will continue with conditions.

Years super hit Tulu film “Girgit” comedy scenes were led into the controversy after Mangalore Bar Association filed a complaint about mocking Judges and the profession of lawyers in the film.

On 12th of this month After the judicial review Harish, Principal Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate First Class, has issued an temporary injunction over “Girigit” film. On the next day hearing defender requested court to review the order and submitted copy of the dialogues and scenes to the court.

On 16th September hearing : Plaintiff general secretary and the defendant(Movie Makers) present and their counsel and filled joint compromise memo stating that the defendant(Movie Makers) have agreed to mute the dialogues and scenes within the time as stated in the affidavit. After the compliance of agreed terms by defendants, the Plaintiff will withdraw the case.

Since “Girgit” makers are agreed to mute scenes, changes will hit soon in upcoming shows after the technical fix.

“Girigit” controversy timeline :

11 September 2019

Case Registered in District court.

12 September 2019

Temporary Injunction on “Girigt”.

13 September 2019

Defendant requested to review.

16 September 2019

Plaintiff agreed to withdraw case with conditions.

23 September 2019

Next hearing.

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