VJ Vineeth with screenplay success of “Girgit”

When it comes to film making each crew members will hold individual responsibilities, one of the important one is screenwriting. Renowned VJ and sandalwood and coastalwood actor VJ Vineeth taken screenplay responsibility for the first time and gets appreciated.


A screenplay is the blueprint for a movie, divided into scenes which describes location, the characters involved in the scene, actions the characters are taking and the dialogue they are speaking.

Starting from lead role in Tulu film “Rambaroti” to Kannada film “Birbal Trilogy”, Vineeth has shown perfection in every aspect. Super hit film “Ondu Motteya Kathe” has given him a platform to widen his acting skills in sandalwood and his success has made him appear in “Birbal Trilogy”.

Being a successful actor Vineeth gets a first opportunity to write screenplay for “Girgit”, speaking to Tulucinema.com he said “It took almost three months to write screenplay for the script which me, Roopesh Shetty and Naveen developed, “Girigt” is a decent script with some small twist and turns with comedy treatment”.

“We were concentrated on what best can be given to the Tulu audience, the script went to next level once Prasanna Shetty taken responsibility of dialogues, Team got more strength when Rakesh Kadri joined. I am extremely happy how audience taken this film” he said.

Vineeth also said “Screenplay is a first experience for me, initially I was tensed, nervous, how audience takes it, but audience gave us more than expected.. Hard working and dedicated “Girgit” team now enjoying the success credits to the entire team, I would like to thank entire Tuluvas for supporting us and blessings”.

We also get time to raise few questions about future plans, here they are.

Tulucinema.com : Are you planning to try luck in direction ?

Vineeth : “When we are in industry we should keep on trying something on role as well as off role. I may direct a film in future, as of now no plans, but film  “Girgit” has motivated me to try something new”.

Tulcinema.com : VJ, Actor, Producer, Host, Event Manager which role you like the most?

Vineeth : “I enjoy everything in this entertainment sector, each role has its own happiness which I get, but if you ask any one definitely it’s an actor”.

Tulcinema.com : In “Girgit” as screenwriter, any upcoming surprise’s ?

Vineeth : After “Girgit” there are few openings for me for script, screenplay, but still I believe there’s much more I should learn, So right now just exploring things and continuing with my acting”.

Versatile Vineeth will be seen in upcoming film “Illokkel” as one of the lead,  “Yenna” as lead, “Last Bench” as one of the lead and in sandalwood “Lungi”, “Praysha” and “Crush”. Tulucinema.com wishes him more success in upcoming days.

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