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Yesa Poster Tulucinema.comYesa Movie Review: Shobaraj Pavoor penned, Jayanth MN Directorial film “Yesa” released recently, Film starring Rahul Amin, Radhika Rao as lead pair. Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Aravind Bolar, Sathish Bandale will be seen in film. Let’s check out what “Yesa” delivers you.

Base plot of the film is Hero enters to house named “Swarnaguttu” as Yakshagana learner to elucidate the problems between two families which were happened 25 year back, story has the major twist at end, that you must see in cinemas.

Yesa” is a film which proved that even Tulu films can win with a clean plot and comedy. Shobharaj Pavoor’s story never ever makes you lose buzzes throughout the movie.

Jayanth MN’s direction and Mohan Loganathan’s camera work will make you see beautiful view of our Tulunadu, these two given a professional touch for the film which is a great treat for your eyes.

When it comes to the cast, Film’s lead Rahul Amin and Radhika Rao makes a perfect cute pair of the Industry, Bubbly Hero Rahul Amin‘s role much enjoyable all over the film. With the Decent and innocent look Radhika Rao will make you fall in love with her. There is no doubt that, this girl will rule over film industry with her acting skill.

Naveen D Padil’s different look stays strong in the film, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Sunil Nelligudde has done their part perfectly. Selfie addict Sathish Bandale gives you tickles throughout the film. Not to forget Aravind Bolar’s role in the film, the creativity on his T-shirt slogans and the entry of his is a best part of the film. Writer Shobharaj Pavoor is chosen himself a small role and he does his best as expected.

Overall “Yesa” fits for any category audience, except the action sequences you can see everything in the film which is required to entertain. All casts and crews worked hard for the film and given a beautiful presentation which made our Tulu Industry proud, hats-off for the “Yesa” movie makers. Audience! Yes your attention is much required to produce more and more movies like this. So what you waiting for? get set go to “Yesa”.

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