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Madipu Tulucinema.comMadipu Movie Review : Chethan Mundadi directorial film ‘Madipu’ released all over district on 10th March 2017. Madipu is first art film which is screening in nine cinemas. Film also screened in Bengaluru International Film Festival, Let’s see what Madipu serves you.

Just before Madipu release audience of district where sure that they accept only comedy based Tulu films, but if films plot and direction is good Tulunadu audience will definitely accept any category film, example is Madipu. Till the end film holds the grip and creates curiousness over audience.

Plot of the film lies on annual “Jumadi Nema” performer “Kurumbila” who falls sick, villagers doesn’t want to take risk with him to perform because last year’s Nema stopped in-between since he gets chest pain frequently. He tries hard to perform but fails, then the situation comes when he has to handover to his son he refuses. Why he does that? Annual Nema will be performed? You have to check out in cinemas near you.

A full marks to all the actors who played different roles in the film, MK Matt as Kurumbila grabs attention by his excellent acting skills, Seeta Kote as Fathima does her best as expected. Sardar (Neenasam) Satya, Chetan Rai Maani, Sujatha Shetty Peraje performance were excellent. Folklore scholar Dayanand Kattalsar does his best in limited role.

Tulunadus Ancient culture Daivaradhane shown beautifully in the movie; dialogues about Jumadi will give you Goosebumps. Excellent camera work by Ganesh Hegde and dialogues of Jogi and Chandrakanth Bajagoli will make you sit and say wow! V Manohar’s traditional folk music adds more flavor for the film. Again a big Thumbs up for the director Chethan Mundadi.

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